Kermit & Cheryl Pharris

We had a great time getting to photograph the Pharris’.  Kermit and Cheryl had bid and won a donation certificate that we (our studio) had donated to Habitat for Humanity.  I met Kermit a few years ago, when photographing him for a commercial head shot image for his work. This time he was accompanied by his wife, Cheryl they also brought their grandchildren Emory and Keegan. These two little ones were precious!  Keegan is a bit larger than Emory, but she holds her own around him. The two of them smiled and giggled a lot!  Little Emory had the cutest hair bows and accessories I’ve ever seen…her sweet crafty mommy, Lindsay who came along and HELPED (greatly appreciated), is the hair accessory designer!  Moms just seem to be so good at everything!  I love these little hair thingies.  I was secretly hoping that she would leave one behind 🙂  But, no luck!  Anyhow, we finished up the session and I knew that we would have some great images to choose from.  Cheryl had a difficult time narrowing down her choices.  But, the important thing here is that we have some sweet memories of these four.  It reminds me of my grandparents…even though I am older now, I still think of the times with them when I was a lot younger. This is the start of many sweet memories for this crew.  I look forward to meeting the other family members next time.  Kermit and Cheryl, thanks again, for choosing Susan Stevison Photography!  We are so glad you made us a part of day.  I hope you are pleased with the portraits.



Kermit & Cheryl w/ grandchildren


Kermit & Cheryl w/ grandchildren

Author: Susan