Twenty three years ago, Lisa and Randy met at a work holiday party. They started dating and before they knew it, the two became Randy & Lisa Ellis.

Lisa called me a few weeks ago, wanting to schedule a family portrait session on her 23rd wedding anniversary to Randy. With a blended family, I know that it’s hard to coordinate schedules. She tried, but with the short window frame of time and varying schedules and miles in-between, we postponed the family session to a later date this year. But, Lisa still wanted to have a session documenting her and Randy’s 23 year anniversary. So, we kept the scheduled session and made it about them.

What a neat couple! Randy was of few words, but when he laughed his smile lit up the room and moved Lisa into a cute laughter. She continued to tell me that she wasn’t photogenic (we all think we aren’t!). But, I believe these few images prove her wrong. We actually had almost 30 images, in which we designed a wall art collection of canvases and a beautiful coffee table album titled 23 year: Randy and Lisa. Happy Anniversary you guys! Thank you so much for letting me photograph you two!!!


Author: Susan