For starters, I’ve been photographing the Saccaro’s for a while now…at least 6 years.  The last time I photographed them, I was in my studio space as a resident artist at River Oaks. I photographed the kids, minus Natalie.  You ask, why didn’t I photograph Natalie? Well, Kelli and Steve brought Natalie into the picture a year later. This stuff happens.  Even, Patricia my assistant shares a similar story…with her children’s portrait. She picked up her Erol Thibodeaux finished portrait of her THREE girls. She soon found out that she and Michael were expecting their last child and ONLY SON, Michael Thomas.  Like I said, these things happen.  But, at any rate I am glad that I have had the opportunity to photograph the Saccaro kids!  Kelli and Steve have done a wonderful job raising them.  I admire Kelli’s patience and happy disposition, especially with being the mom to seven, hear me SEVEN!  But, they are very cool kids!  Mallory, the oldest was one of my high school senior spokes models last year. To complete this blog story…I went into my archived file images from 2010, and located the Saccaro family images. How fun to look back on the images and visually see their physical growth.  Kelli, thanks again for allowing me to photograph your family over the years.  I look forward to watching them even grow more in the upcoming years. Happy Thanksgiving!

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2010 Family Portrait and children Individual Images


 Updated portrait of Ella


Natalie’s portrait finally, and a beautiful one at that…If I can say?


Updated portrait of Mathew


This has to be my favorite!  I love this sweet sibling picture!!!


The new family portrait of the children

301_saccaro_m copy

One of the favorite images from Mallory’s senior session 2015!

Author: Susan