Victoria Krig Tori Krig  HSMHS Sr Pictures

We scheduled Tori’s senior portraits and set the stage with an indoor session at the studio.  We dodged the rain and rough outdoor weather on day one.  We have been doing that a lot lately!  Especially for the last couple of months!  It’s very hard to predict what the weather will be doing in a week or two down the road when we schedule the session, let alone a day or two from confirming someone’s appointment.  So, like I said , this day was session one, which would take place at our studio, where we could take advantage of our indoor studio backdrops, vintage furniture and props.  Then session two we trekked around Pineville and Alexandria, to some of the favorite spots we all recognize as unique land markers that make Central Louisiana, “Cenla”.  Victoria goes by Tori and she’s a student at Holy Savior Menard High School.  She’s a cheerleader and an AMAZING jumper!  I’m sure there is a special cheer terminology for this…I just don’t know it!  But, whew!!!  That girl should be jumping in the air with a basketball doing some layups.  Like I said,  she can jump!  We decided to do some jumps on the high key background.  Let me REPHRASE that!  LOL !  Tori took my advise to do some jumps and I photographed her doing the jumps.  I said to her, “Gosh, that looks like you are jumping over hurdles!”  Well, She said, “That jump is called the Hurdler.”  Isn’t that funny? 🙂  There is hope for me.  I might just get some of this cheerleading terminology down.   Another thing about Tori during her session, was she constantly smiled and her mother and I had to coach her on giving us a few “non-smiling” expressions…not easy for this laughing girl!  But, she managed. Overall, I think she had a blast!  Thanks so much Tori for choosing Susan Stevison Photography for your senior photography.  We hope you enjoy your senior pictures and we wish you well in your college future!  Enjoy!

Susan Stevison


Author: Susan