I am happy to be able to photograph Tia and give her some awesome head shots. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Initially, she was apprehensive in front of the camera most likely because she is use to being behind the camera.  Tia is a professional photographer also. We discovered in our conversations throughout our friendship that she and I both applied for the same position at the town talk many years ago! I had just moved here to work as a Recreational Therapist, but a few months after being here I saw a posting for a full time photographer at the newspaper.  I was apprehensive to apply, because I went to college to be a recreational therapist in the rehabilitation setting, had a degree in the actual field, certified and loved my job!  But, as many of you know…Photography has been an equal love, a passion, a gift God has blessed me with.  So, naturally I applied for the job but I didn’t get the job.  Tia did.

A few years later, I met Tia, still not knowing that we both applied for the same job.  She lived next to me in the Garden District of Alexandria. We casually would say hello and chat about photography here and there and over the years, as many of us have we’ve been carried through similar experiences and become better friends.

If you are selling your home or buying one, give Tia a call, she will give you a 100%. 318-623-8417

Thanks for trusting me to photograph you Tia!  It was a pleasure!

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